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Establishing Expertise in the Mobile Industry
for Over 20 Years

We have been at the forefront of exploring domestic and international feature phone markets and have undertaken technology-driven businesses based on manufacturing and communication modules in the fields of industrial safety and private sector, including the establishment of an LTE-based railway disaster network system. We are committed to growing with our customers and prioritizing their benefits.

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Our Vision

The good friend who grows together

Joint Growth

We are a company committed to realizing the value of collaborative growth, believing that maximizing customer value through collaboration is the best way to elevate Yiwoo's values.

Team of Experts

80% of our entire workforce consists of researchers and developers professionals, with 70% of our developers having over 20 years of experience in the smartphone industry. This composition of seasoned experts enables us to provide tailored solutions that meet the diverse needs of our telecommunications-related clients

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technology field

Yiwoo Solution possesses extensive experience in Qualcomm solutions development, telecom operator specifications, and IoT experience, along with Android framework/protocol development capabilities.

  • Android SW
  • McPTT
  • Protocol & Framework

Disaster network solution

Implementation of communication solution between LTE-R communication PCBA and railway onboard device

Android SW

We cater to various customer demands, such as BT-WiFi integration, AI voice recognition, in-train tablet applications, and operator-specific market download applications, leveraging our rich experience in Android development.


Using the Softil video call solution, we provide a framework environment that enables our clients to easily develop McPTT applications.

Protocol & Framework

With expertise in Qualcomm solution development, telecom operator specifications, and IoT, we possess Android framework and protocol development capabilities.

Railway disaster network solution
  • The LTE-R communication PCBA is installed on the train radio control panel (TRCP) in the driver's seat of the railway vehicle.
  • It is in service on the KTX Gyeongbu route and will be installed on GTX-A.
  • The first communication product made by Yiwoo
  • Seoul Subway Lines 2, 3, and 4 McPTT service
  • Japan JRC McPTT & Window Dispatcher development

Yiwoo’s corporate culture

  • An enterprise that fosters the infinite potential of each individual, turning dreams into reality.
  • A company where personal achievements and passion for work harmonize.
  • A company that fulfills its responsibilities.

Health Check-ups

Support for comprehensive health check-ups for employees and their family members.

Lunch Allowanc

Provision of lunch vouchers (salary-dependent).

Happy Family day

Implementation of early leave on the last Wednesday of every month.

Long-term Employee Rewards and Vacations

Provision of rewards and encouragement payments for long-term employees.

Special Occasion Gifts

Distribution of gift certificates on special occasions (employee milestones and birthdays).

Employee Referrals

Reward payments for recommended new hires upon their hiring date.

Team Culture Incentives

Support for team-specific activities to foster a team culture.

Diverse Employee Benefits

Self-development leave and support for books and education expenses.



Room 624, DMC High-Tech Industry Center, 330 Seongam-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Yiwoo Solution Co., Ltd.


+82 70-5088-3170

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